Irish Fairy Tales

Irish Fairy Tales

Ирландские волшебные сказки

Метод чтения Ильи Франка

Переводчик: Ольга Ламонова

Difficulty level (Уровень сложности)

Easy (легкий)

Table of contents:

  1. The Son of the King of Erin and the Giant of Loch Lein
  2. The Three Daughters of King O'Hara
  3. The Weaver's Son and the Giant of the White Hill
  4. Fair, Brown and Trembling
  5. The King of Erin and the Queen of the Lonesome Island
  6. The Shee an Gannon and the Gruagach Gaire
  7. The Three Daughters of the King of the East, and the Son of a King in Erin
  8. The Fisherman's Son and the Gruagach of Tricks
  9. The Thirteenth Son of the King of Erin
  10. Shaking-Head

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